9 Best Internet Business Ideas And Money Making Ways

9 Best Internet Business Ideas And Money Making Ways

9 Best Internet Business Ideas And Money Making Ways

1. Pay-Per-Action (Cost-Per-Action)

A great way to monetize your site or blog because it can be used in parallel with the previous two. The way you work is easy, you get money for visitors to do an action. Did you understand? Here's an example: You may have an offer to search for people to enter their emails or their country code. In return, you get a fee for this service, which ranges from $ 1 to $ 10. There are companies that may pay more than $ 20 for services such as filling out a short form. You need to know the art of attracting the visitor to get the greatest visitors and from him the greatest amount of money.

Note: Most of these sites require selective admission conditions, so they will be sending you legitimate visitors. There will be a telephone conversation between you and them before allowing you to sign up and make money.

Breaking news: I've started a series of professional marketing professionals through CPA or pay-per-action offers. I invite you to pursue it through this topic.

  1. MaxBounty
  2. peerfly
  3. (Commission Junction): a huge market of different offers.
  4. Neverblue
  5. Affiliate.com
  6. GetAds
  7. Clickbooth
  8. Offerweb
  9. CPA Lead
  10. Market Leverage
  11. Inuvo
  12. Adfish
  13. Offer Vault

2. Answer questions and provide tips

This method is not particularly famous in our Arab world, but there are many sites that allow you to make money by answering questions posed by people online (usually custom themes). Some sites need to register and get approval before you can start answering and making money.

  1. (Just Answer): A great site especially if you are an expert in a particular field.

  2. (kgb): Get money by answering questions people send via text message from mobile.

  3. Fun Advice: Earn points by answering questions and converting them into dollars.

3. Sell special products

When we talk about profit from the Internet, most of our thinking is about selling software, marketing digital products or profit from private websites. On the other hand, forget one of the oldest classic ways to make money in everyday life: selling your products. Search your home, your bedroom, or your moorings to find things that are stacked and you do not use to win the place on the one hand and get a sum of money on the other .

  1. (Gazelle): It is a great place to sell your neglected or not used items (such as iPhone, laptop, etc.) and the site pays transportation costs for you.
  2. Amazon: You can sell or trade with the tools you own in Amazon and receive money by credit card as a gift.
  3. (eBay): The most popular auction site on the Internet
  4. Craigslist
  5. Backpage
  6. Half.com
  7. Shopit
  8. Oodle
  9. Sell.com

4. Selling others' products

Known as affiliate marketing. This is the most common and popular method of earning money from the internet right now. How it works? Simple, you display a product by placing a purchase link, the buyer buys the product and takes a commission for each purchase. The idea is simple, but the way it works is not. The wonderful thing, after experience and practice, you will learn the arts of this profession, which allows you to make a lot of money.

The way most people rely is to create Niche sites to display and market the product by publishing articles about the product (its advantages, benefits, disadvantages, usage, etc.) with the inclusion of purchase links. But how do I get the purchase links?

There are many sites that offer you this service and the percentage of commission varies according to the product. However, here is a list of these sites:

Amazon Associates: When a visitor clicks the Amazon link, you will receive a commission for each product you buy within 24 hours.

(eBay Partner Network): Profit commission for each person who buys from (eBay)

(Clickbank): - One of the largest markets to buy e-books and other digital products.

(E-Junkie): - Looks like a Clickbank site

(DigiResults): Similar to the Clickbank site


5. Sale of product design

If you have a talent in drawing and design and do not have the money to achieve what you have designed on products this method is suitable for you. I am talking about simple products such as t-shirts, magnets, mugs etc.
. Here are a set of sites that allow you to view your digital store which contains various product designs. When people buy any product you will get the money.
(Cafe Press): Easily design products such as T-shirts, cups and others, and sell them through the virtual interface of the site.
(Spreadshirt): Looks like an E-Shirt.
(Zazzle): similar to (Cafe Press).
Shirt City

6. Writing Reviews (Writing Reviews)

There are some good sites that will pay you for writing responses about various products on your site or blog. Some sites require special specifications to accept a subscription, so we recommend waiting for a successful blog or site.

Social Spark
Pay Per Post
(Expo TV): Profit by incorporating responses into a video that describes your product
Sponsored Reviews

7. Trading stocks and currencies

Or so-called stock market or Forex. If adventure is one of your qualities and you are all ready to go into the stock market, it is available and feasible at any time. There are many websites and companies that allow you to buy and sell currencies, stocks, and indices. Personally, I've started FXExchange for about a year and I've seen the bright future. You could become a millionaire if you mastered the art of trading, but you could lose money if you did not improve your boss. That's why I advise you to learn forex well before you make an investment.


8. Sell pictures online

There are many sites that allow you to sell images that you have created or photographed:

iStock Photo

2. Shortcut links sites

The way you work is easy. After registering in one of the sites I will mention, you will shorten the links and publish them on your site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or email (you can even send them to e-mails). When you click on these links from other people, you will receive a certain amount of money. How much money? In fact, there is no precise answer to this question due to the entry of many factors such as the country from which the visitor comes, the type of advertisement ... etc, but as the average of every 1000 keystrokes get $ 1. But you can increase your profits by inviting people to sign up. For more information, visit the sites, you will find everything you want, and I am at your disposal for every question.


9. Profit by viewing ads (PTC)

Another way you may take your interest is to profit from the internet. After signing up for one or all of the sites I'll mention, all you have to do is click on the ads you offer for a certain period of time to get the price of your service. The way is very easy, all you need is a good mouse to click the largest number of ads, but the disadvantage of this method is the low CPC. Generally, the cost per click is $ 0.001, which means you have to click 1000 ads to get $ 1, but there are ways these sites can maximize your profits.

  1. clixsense
  2. neobux
  3. innocurrent

 I have spent a lot of time collecting and writing this topic only to benefit the young Arab from the Internet and allocate time to collect the necessary money for his life especially for those who complain of unemployment, so please post the subject with your friends, Facebook, Twitter ... etc

Finally I hope you benefited from the subject and for every inquiry I am in service. Peace.

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