After the revolution of robots What remains for humans from jobs?

After the revolution of robots What remains for humans from jobs?

After the revolution of robots What remains for humans from jobs?

All the scientific breakthroughs achieved throughout history in which human imagination played a leading role. Even science fiction films, which at first appeared to many people as mere fiction can not find a way in the ground, inspired scientists and innovators, and was credited with honing their minds and brains.The news item published by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph on its Web site that robots may replace humans in every workmanship and function can be classified as fiction products.Although the figures indicate a record rise in employment rates, experts warn of a brighter future, or so they predict, so to speak. With the advancement of technology and the development of artificial intelligence, millions of jobs - whether those of the working class or the middle class - may go into the wind only because the machine will replace man in what is known as the "robot revolution" or "robot revolution".But not that gloom, there are still jobs that will be accessible to humans in 2050, summarized by the British Daily Telegraph:

The Wicked Hollywood:

Hollywood's film industry by 2050 will not only be made by robots, but will target a robot audience. This development will create "exciting" opportunities for human actors.

 Bomb disposal:

In future war zones, robot or robot commanders will send teams of people to the battlefield in search of landmines, ammunition and other unexploded ordnance.General Sir Optimus Prime explained that "this dangerous work was carried out in the past by robots that were supposed to get rid of bombs, and sending humans instead would reduce the risk to robots."Robot playing chess with one of the exhibitions of technological innovation in Moscow (European)

Chess player:

By 2050, all the chess tournaments will end with a robot and one on Earth with a draw, making the use of humans necessary for robots to win them.

Android server:

The son of Adam will be "the latest available means to rationalize the employment of robots," says the editor of Witch magazine. "After a long and hard day on the robot, only put his feet moving in the compressed air and relax while his human servant to vacuum the tiles vacuum and bring him drinks."

Supermarket collection factor:

In response to the mechanistic labor unions protesting over long hours, automakers in shops will have to assign inferior jobs to human beings."The human beings are more trustworthy and more efficient - and the most important thing for our shareholders is that they are the cheapest fare," says the Daily Telegraph, quoting an excellent supermarket manager called Apple TV Profit 6.0. For 23 hours a day in return for a box of chocolates of family size. "


The paper concluded by imagining the future of robotics, warning their compatriots - if so to speak - of the loss of millions of jobs traditionally occupied by robots for the benefit of living beings in the so-called "human revolution."

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