Nanotechnology Importance and Details

Nanotechnology Importance and Details

Nanotechnology Importance and Details 

Nanotechnology is defined as a science that deals with the process of processing materials using molecular and atomic, measured in nanometers, which is part of the parts of a million found in the millimeter. It is worth mentioning that this technique is used in many areas, including: , Industrial, and military, which played a major role in bringing about a technological revolution. Nanotechnology Applications Nanotechnology uses nanotechnology in various areas of energy, including conversion, storage, and optimization. 

There is a dual light source lamp, which contributes to the rationalization of the use of electric energy in the field of lighting, in addition it contributes to the increase of activity The process of turning thermal light through the use of nuclear structures in the beams of holes and gaps, and it is noteworthy that this technique plays a significant role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal combustion engine by the development of some of the partial nuclear materials that are scattered on the surface, Leads to the transformation of the source of solar energy, except that nanoparticles energy is environmentally friendly, as they play a major role in reducing emitted pollution from the combustion engine, and be mediated by nanoscale filters pores contribute to the cleaning and purification of exhaust by noble molecules nano and transformers stimulating. Nanotechnology Applications in Water Treatment .

This technique is used in the process of manufacturing nanomaterials, which contribute to the treatment of surface water, groundwater and sewage. It has a great ability to eliminate all contaminants. Nanoparticles This technique helps in the treatment of cancerous diseases through the use of nanoparticles in the process of imaging by magnetic resonance, by which the location of the cancer tumor accurately, in addition to the use of this technique in the manufacture of drugs and drugs using nanocrystalline powder, which is a compound Nanometer with a diameter of 100 nanometers, except for the delivery of drugs and drugs by nanometer tubes. Nanoparticles .

The process of food production and processing is based on this technique, through the project of the nanotechnology emerging PIN, which includes three types of foods, for example, canola oil contains nanotubes made of minerals, vitamins, and plant chemicals, in addition to tea Nannote, and diet chocolate, which contain many nanoparticles that contribute to the improvement of taste. Nanoscale Optics Sun glasses were designed using anti-scratch surface coatings using nanomaterials. Nanoscale optics also increase the accuracy of eye correction and are used in the field of eye corneas. 

Home Appliances Bat There are many varieties of glass and ceramics, which contain many nanoparticles that contribute to increase their softness, make them more heat-resistant, and easier to clean. Nanotechnologies This technique contributes to improving the production of food and food, from manufacturing, to product mobilization and waste treatment, in addition to its significant role in reducing the productive efficiency of cultivated land.

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