The importance of information technology

The importance of information technology

The importance of information technology

Information Technology Uses and Importance

Definition of Information Technology Information Technology (IT) is defined as the management of data, whether text, voice, image or any other form, which deals with hardware, software and telecommunications in the transmission of information and facilitates the communication process  The importance of information technology in: Information technology has become an important part of our daily lives and continues to spread to many areas, including:

 Business management leads Technology Information active role in information management, and companies are investing their daily due for its multiple advantages, these investments only to Aturkzaaly devices but increasingly focus on information systems, because of Matkdmh in the area of ​​administrative support. For example, the information system designed for the Albanian company (IBM) with its software, and it is advantageous to control the avoidance of errors by allowing the system to fill the name of the item, and specifications in addition to the price automatically, and get the results quickly and correctly complete, allowing financial reporting in seconds, Due to damage and loss, and internal thefts, which increases revenue.

 Education Learning and learning processes are lifelong processes, so it is important to make learning accessible to everyone to reduce illiteracy. Resulting in improved educational environment and reduced access to educational materials, thus facilitating learning from anywhere. One of the benefits of using information technology in education and schools is the availability of educational resources. Information technology has facilitated access to and exchange of information at any time for students and teachers.

It is possible to provide students with visual and audio lessons and to enable students to give assignments to students via e-mail. Instant access to information: Students can now use mobile phone applications to download books from an electronic library, so they have these books at any time, helping them to read and save time. Group Learning: Students from different schools around the world can be in the same academic group and exchange information.

Distance learning: IT has facilitated study for students around the world from anywhere via online learning, thus reducing mobility costs. Health Information technology in the health sector has been used to record and analyze patient health data. Some of these technologies have been able to tell patients whether they need a diet, thus better care for patients and help achieve health equity, allowing all government users and private sector users to register Thus reducing the spread of disease. Information technology improves the quality of health care provided, reduces medical errors, and thus increases patient safety.

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