7 of the Most Popular MLM Businesses and How to Choose a MLM

7 of the Most Popular MLM Businesses and How to Choose a MLM

7 of the Most Popular MLM Businesses and How to Choose a MLM 

Currently the MLM business is very popular, but what is the MLM business itself and how to choose a good MLM business? Let's discuss together.Until now, those of you who still think that multi-level marketing (MLM) business is fraud? It's risky, but this business is very popular nowadays. MLM business is one type of business that is now being followed by many people.But not a few people shout that MLM or multi level marketing is a scheme that ends in fraud. However, actually that is not true, here we will explain about this MLM business.

Are you planning to run an MLM business? If so, it helps you to recognize the pluses of the MLM business before you run this business.MLM is a tiered or chain marketing strategy, where sales people not only get compensation for the sales they produce, but also for the sales of other sales they recruit. In this pyramid sales system or network marketing, there are terms of "up line" and "downline" members, namely those who sell products after being based on the order of recruitment or registration. -many in order to get a bonus or income that is many times over.

In fact in the field, now there are indeed many MLM businesses that have sprung up. With a variety of products offered, MLM then gives its own color in the community. This is where you as a person who will take part in this business must be vigilant and careful because at this time MLM businesses have emerged that are incompetent and often commit fraud.

How to Choose a Good MLM Business:

1. Choose an MLM company registered in APLI

APLI itself is an acronym for the Indonesian Direct Selling Association, which is an association that accommodates various MLM companies. The background of the establishment of APLI is because the legal rules in Indonesia are considered not standard in managing direct sales.From this it finally encouraged several MLM companies to create joint rules and ethical codes that were mutually agreed upon in the APLI. To be able to join this APLI MLM company must have to meet a number of requirements to be able to get certification.

In addition, MLM companies that become members of APLI are only limited to companies that are considered to truly fulfill the requirements as a direct selling company. It is from this APLI that you will be able to recognize which MLM companies are good and which are not.

2. Having a clear legal entity

In addition to being registered in APLI, a good MLM company can be seen from its legal entity. As a company that promotes business, MLM companies are also required to have a clear legal entity.In this case it is highly recommended for MLM companies to make legal entities Limited Liability Company (PT) that have SIUPL and NPWP. With this legal material, they can account for the MLM business to its members and also to other consumers who use their products.

3. Choose MLM Companies that Have Diverse Products

With the existence of many and varied products to be offered to other people, then you will have a great opportunity to be able to attract downlines. In addition, with a variety of products you can choose items that are in line with the availability of the budget.One more thing that you need to remember and understand is to make sure that MLM companies have guarantees for the quality of the goods and services they sell. This is needed so that it can be exchanged if one day the goods do not match the actual quality.So in order to be able to do the right and profitable MLM business, choose a company that not only offers uniform goods and services, but also has guarantees for the quality of the goods and services it sells.

4. Choose MLM Companies whose Distributors Have Systems for Success

If an MLM company has a distributor that has a good success system to be successful, then you will also be able to participate quickly. But in order to be successful quickly, you must be able to ensure the system in the company has been tested and proven capable of printing many people to be successful.Look at how the system works effectively for all ages and people from diverse backgrounds, occupations, education, gender, even those who have never done business at all.

Generally MLM companies that have a good system can be characterized by the presence of business tools, such as personality books, tapes that provide motivation and techniques, and meetings that can be attended. You must be vigilant if you find an MLM company that offers maximum results without having to work hard.

5. Upline Want to Help Downlines to Grow

One manifestation of a successful MLM company system is a condition or culture in which the upline is able to help the downline to continue to grow. Look at how they treat downlines in driving their business.If the uplines in MLM are not active or just rely on downlines to sell products or develop their network, then you should not choose the MLM company. Why is that? Apart from being only troubled you as a new registrar (downline), such MLM business is also considered by many as something that is not healthy.

Generally in a good MLM business, the uplines will actively provide support in the form of assistance, coaching, and sharing marketing knowledge with their downlines. In fact, not infrequently the upline will intervene in the field to be able to provide a method or method to get new members and make their downlines level up.

6. Look at whether the MLM company is accepted by the National Market

Signs or characteristics of a good and bona fide MLM company can also be seen from the scale of the company. If the company is still not scaled or has not been accepted nationally in its business system, then you need to be careful.To be successful in this MLM business, you should choose a company that has a national scale that can be accepted by the entire community. Usually, they will also express their vision and mission for the welfare of the company and its distributor network.

7. Has a Fair System for All Members

In plain view it will be more or less visible that this MLM business is more profitable for people who join first. As for people who have just registered, they don't get a big profit.If you get a system that feels very less profitable for those who just register, then the company might not be good. Because a good MLM company generally will be fair, and they will make it as much as possible to make all its members benefit from wanting to work hard.So both those who become uplines or downlines must work hard if they want to make a profit. With a system like this, all will benefit even though they have just joined.

8. The price of products sold makes sense

Not only diverse products that you need to pay attention to, you also have to look at the price component. Why? Because the price of products sold by MLM companies can you make one indication that the business is healthy or not.Look at whether the product being sold has a reasonable price with the quality of the product. If an MLM sells products that cost far more than the quality that exists and is also very far from the market price, then you must be vigilant and advised to leave it.

In a good and qualified MLM business, generally the members' income is not pegged from the price of products that are priced many times over, but more than that the income must come from a large number of goods buyers because consumers are satisfied with the quality of their products.

9. Has Good System Support

The last tips for choosing a good MLM business is to look at the support system. Everyone involved in this MLM business certainly always wants a support center that can optimally support their MLM business.

In running a business, it is possible for these members to have complaints or problems that must be asked. This is where the support center role applies. The support center itself can be offline or online, the most important is that the support center is easily accessed by members.

7 of the Most Popular MLM Businesses:

1. Amway

Every year directsellingnews.com (DSN) announces 100 of the best MLM businesses. Amway based in the United States is in the top position. Until now, they have had a turnover of up to 8.8 billion US dollars. Some of the items offered are beauty and fitness checks, cosmetics, and so on.

2. Herbalife

The rise of diet programs, makes Herbalife's name increasingly popular. This company from the United States has a turnover of up to 4.5 billion US dollars. As a member, you are provided with two choices, namely running a business or using the product.

3. Oriflame

This Swiss company offers needs for women, such as cosmetics. Established since 1967, Oriflame has a membership of up to 3 million people. Some of the benefits they get, such as a 23-30 percent profit from catalog prices and bonuses according to the business point (BP) and level.

4. Tupperware

The brand that is often used as a meme is certainly no stranger. Tupperware offers quality plastic products based in Orlando, United States. As a member, you can get special prices as users and sellers.

5. Nu Skin

Talking about cosmetic products, Nu Skin turned out to be more popular. According to DSN, Nu Skin was ranked 11th, while Oriflame was in 15th position. Even the company from Utah, United States was once named the 100 trusted company of Forbes.

6. Usana

Founded in 1992, Usana has had a success of 471 thousand members. The products offered by Usana are health care vitamin nutritional supplements. So good, Usana has won five stars from "NutriSearch".

7. Jeunesse Global

Based in Florida, United States, this company has anti-aging products. More specifically, they offer a dropshipping system that applies throughout the world. Jeunesse Global was ranked 14th with a turnover of 1.41 billion US dollars.Well, that's the explanation of the MLM business and the most popular MLM business, hopefully it can help and benefit you.

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